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Wholesale car Audio - Buy Low price Car Audio Product from China


As the car audio system installer or 12Volt industry seller, you may struggle how to buy competitive bulk speakers.

There are a lot of aftermarket speaker brands, like Kickers, Hertz, Audison, these could be your choice. If you are the authorized distributor, that easy for you. But it would be harder and higher price if you are not.

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So buy these from China wholesale suppliers could be consider. It is really smart choice, it is feasible and convenient for you. I will share the past decade experiences how to import small bulk speaker from wholesale car speaker suppliers directly.

In the past experiences, the long delivery time and high minimal-order-quantity are the major barrier. Factory has higher cost, the raw materials cost Definity lower than wholesale supplier, but direct labor, the overhead & equipment depreciation cost increased, it makes the total cost going higher. It almost makes the MOQ going higher. Through the high MOQ, Most people try to avoid to buy goods from wholesale supplier.

After you read this article, you will know the benefit to import from China wholesale supplier and it is a trustful option.

4 Steps to find China Wholesale suppliers

  1. Find the suitable wholesale suppliers from Google, B2B platform, like Alibaba, Made-in-China, lightinthebox
  2. Research your wholesale supplier

With the Internet & Ecommerce development, all business could be done online. You could easy to find the people to talk, video at any time and anywhere. A good wholesaler will easy to determine after couple times cooperation, you could find their price, quality and other details. Then you could select the best one.

  1. Wholesale minimum order quantity(MOQ) and customize

The wholesale MOQ actual is beneficial to reduce risk in business.

When you order normaly 500~1000 pcs by 1 time, the price looks lower than wholesale supplier. But it is could be your excess material if you can’t sell it quickly. Some wholesaler supplier could provide the customize service to customer, it is good try to decrease MOQ and customize your private label

  1. Sample confirm, payment and shipping

Before you decide the buy bulk of product. It is must to see the exactly physical sample. Money transfer is not friendly to buyers, you could choose Paypal, it is world’s largest online payment provider. Once the goods shipping, you could require to the tracking information.

BTW, we are the wholesale Car Audio supplier, we could provide the customize car speakers and amplifier to any customer worldwide.

Our products have sold to North American, Europe over 5 years.

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