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Car speaker manufacturers -- Buying guide from China

When you have a great product idea, you will need to find a car audio manufacturer to make the idear to physical product and support your business grow up. The next step will be search China's car speaker manufacturer Or you are searching a manufacturer to do the ODM speaker for your own brand.

At the start, the initial volume is small. The traditional factory won't be able to accept samll order. How to make it happen? Below the a car speaker buying guide to support your successful import car speakers with small Quantity from China.

As for now, there are too many ways that could find your suitable suppliers in the Internet.

Here is some recommendations for you.

  1. Google

You could find millions result just in second. It is better to use long-tail keywords to find the exact result for you.

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  1. B2B Platform

If you want to find a car speaker manufacturers in China, there are a couple B2B platforms recommend fo you.

A. Alibaba

B. Made-in-China

C. Globalsources

Here is a tip that uses the long-tail keywords that will represent suitable car speaker manufacturers. When you type in the more specific word in the search table, it will bring more recommend keywords also, just like below. It is really useful.

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Here is great tips to get your order at the best price, it is called The walk away method.

  1. Send an email to inform the manufacturer, you willing to release the order. But if you place the order in COB today, ask them could arrange the production tomorrow.
  2. After sending the email, wait 24 hours and ignore any emails from your manufacturer
  3. Once the 24 hours over, you could send 2nd email that your partner got another manufacturer quotation and the price is 8% lower the original manufacturer. And said in email that if the price could lower the 8%, I could release the order now.
  4. If the original manufacturer refuses to decrease the 8% price, send the 3rd email that if could decrease 3~5% or just disregard the last email and just send the order.

Somehow, you may get the additional 8% profit, and everyone love that.

As usual, you will complete the car speaker manufacturer's selection and sample confirmation.

Then the series volume production will be complete soon. It is the time to prepare the import the hot good to your door.

Based on your product character and Lead time requirements, there are 3 shipment options.

  1. Fastest -- UPS, FedEx, DHL(For example, 3~7 days from China to USA)
  2. Normal -- Air Freight logistic(For example, 7~15 days from China to USA)
  3. Slow ----- Ocean shipment(For example, 30~40 days from China to USA)

For the 1st and 2nd options, the goods will deliver to your door easily.

But the 3rd option, it will require some process to release the goods from custom.

You may not have the experience to import goods from your country's customs. I don't have the import license either. How to deal with it?

There is always has the method to deal with it. You could easily find a local broker and provide the import service. You will only need to do provide the goods information from the manufacturer. They will handle the import process and goods will send to your door.

There is a convenient way to search a suitable broker via

Normally, all the fee will include the goods duty and customs clearance and service fee.

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If your goods come with Ocean shipment, there is another way to save the shipping cost.

It loads the maximum quantity goods in the container. Let me show you how to achieve it.

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3 different containers are used in normal shipment.

  1. Standard container- 20ft: L 5.9* W2.34* H 2.38 meter, the calculated volume is 28~29 m³
  2. Standard container- 40ft:L 12* W 2.34* H2.38 meter, the calculated volume is 57~59 m³
  3. High Cubes Container - 40ft::L 12* W 2.34* H2.68 meter, the calculated volume is 66~68 m³

3 factors will directly affect the actual load volume

  1. The Carton box Volume
  2. Carton Box Shape
  3. Goods variety & Quantity

For example:

A. Only 1 variety carton, the carton cubage < 0.022m³/ctn

  1. Standard container- 20ft: 28m³
  2. Standard container- 40ft:57m³
  3. High Cubes Container - 40ft:67m³

So the carton volume smaller, the container cubage usage will be higher.

B. Only 1 variety carton, the carton cubage > 0.04m³/ctn

  1. Standard container- 20ft: 24~25m³
  2. Standard container- 40ft:53~54m³
  3. High Cubes Container - 40ft:63m³

C. Different variety cartons

The major impact factor is the Quantity of smaller cartons.

If the small carton is about 60% of loaded cartons

  1. Standard container- 20ft: 25~26m³
  2. Standard container- 40ft:55~56m³
  3. High Cubes Container - 40ft:65~66m³

If the big carton is about 60% of loaded cartons

  1. Standard container- 20ft: 24m³
  2. Standard container- 40ft:54m³
  3. High Cubes Container - 40ft:63m³

There is another way to support to complete the calculation via

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As you know, all speakers are sold as a component system in the car audio industry. It is good news to save more cost since the single carton could be applied in the container.

The tweeter, Mid-range, woofer, coaxial would be packed in the same Catron. You could require your car speaker manufacturer to optimize the package design and increase container loading.

Through the above process, you will have the car speaker available in your store and start at your great selling.