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Best 10 car speaker & amplifier manufacturers in China

  1. HARMAN International

The company design, manufacture and market a wide range of car audio speakers and car amplifier for the automotive – supported by leading brands including AKG®, Harman Kardon®, Infinity®, JBL®, Lexicon® and Mark Levinson®. Most of OEM vehicle equipped with Harman’ branded Audio system for over decades, they are Bang & Olufsen with Audi, Harman Kardon with BMW, B&W with Volvo, Mark Levinson with Lexus, JBL with Toyota, Lexicon with Hyundai.

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There are 2 factories located in China, Harman Suzhou plant is car amplifier factory, Harman Dandong plant is car speaker factory.

HARMAN Suzhou plant was established in 2006 and has grown into the largest production plant. The Suzhou facilities produce car amplifier, navigation, and multimedia systems. With over 1200 employees, the plant provides services and solutions for over twenty Chinese and oversea car OEMs.

The product includes analog and digital (DSP) car amplifiers, ranging from devices since 4 channels up to 16 channels, both class AB and Class D amplifier. The most famous Hi-End Mark Levinson 2400W output power @ 0.1% THD car audio amplifier was made in this factory.

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With Suzhou plant II construction completed on 2018, a new 14,000 square meters with multiple world class production equipment start the operation on 2018. Furthermore, HARMAN Suzhou’s plant storage and logistics facilities has optimized to attain the goal of doubling the existing production capacity.

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Harman Dandong plant was established in 2011 and having grown into the largest car speaker production plant with 1200 employee. The facility includes 43000 square meter production line for automotive speaker and professional speakers. The annual speaker capacity is over 30 Million to support overseas and China customers.

By Harman R&D engineer dedicated and closely collaborated work with worldwide car OEMs, despite the constraints of car interior space, allows optimizing to use speakers' size and enclosure volume available in-car. And even in the challenging environment in terms of reliability, high & low temperature, and mechanical shock. That’s made to end-user hear the high-performance audio system in the car. These customized tweeters, midrange, woofer and subwoofer were produced by automated and highest repeatability equipment and Quality assurance in Harman Dandong plant.

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2. Ningbo ASK Car Audio Communication Co., LTD

ASK Group is an electronic and car speaker manufacturer that designs, manufactures and distributes high quality car audio product, the headquarter located in Italy.

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The Ningbo ASK plant was operated since 2016, the plant employ about 600 people. The factory major produce Woofer and Tweeter, up to the most complex 4-way systems with Subwoofer and Midrange, subwoofer boxes to meet all requirements of car speaker’s experience.

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As a first-tier car OEMs’ supplier, the factory amplifier includes both analog and digital (DSP) amplifiers, ranging from devices with 4 channels and 80 Watt output power to ones with 26 channels and a total of 1500 watt output power @ 1% THD.

The factory won the best supplier from Mercedes China FCA, PSA & Geely.

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3. Shanghai Pioneer Acoustic Equipment Co. Ltd

It belongs to Japan Pioneer Group, located in Jiading district, Shanghai. Mainly produce” PIONEER” car amplifier and car speakers by automation equipment, the employee around 800 people.

All product re-sell in the oversea aftermarket, like the DEQ-500ACH Amplifier. The amplifier capable 10 channels audio input and 12 channels audio output, support 31 EQ processer.

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The DSP chip is ADI 32-bit chip, which supports millions of floating-point calculations per second. It brings the more accurate of sound quality.

The amplifier maximum rated output power is 12*50W.

The factory production line was setup since on 2006, It could cover most Pioneer car speaker’s production in this market. From 20mm tweeter to 170mm door woofer, coaxial 6*9-inch subwoofer.

The hot car speaker model TS-F series, TS-J series were made from this factory.

The Pioneer amplifier and speaker could bring the end user clear vocal, compact and powerful bass, natural surround ambiance.

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4. Faurecia Clarion Dongguan

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In 1995, Dongguan Clarion factory was set up in China, Located in Dongkeng, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, it is the largest production base of the group, the main products are car audio, navigation system and head unit. The factory employee about 1300 people and have set up office in Beijing, Changchun, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Wuhan to serve China’s Automaker.

In 2019, Faurecia buy most share of Clarion from Hitichi. The factory is fully control by Faurecia since Nov 19, 2019.

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5. Magic Car Audio Foshan

The company focus on high performance car speaker & amplifier design and manufacture. They provide the car speakers OEM services for oversea and domestic customers over 15 years. The company owned VE® and Journey® brand in car speaker products, the aftermarket distributors over 600 stores in China.

With the automatic speaker production and test equipment, the annual production capacity is more than a million pairs. speakers key materials were supplied with famous world class suppliers, including US Dupont, Germany sounder, Taiwan Poyun and Sinostell, etc.) .

The production capability includes 20mm tweeter, 80mm Mid-Range, 160mm Woofer, 10 &12 Inch Subwoofer, Subwoofer Enclosure, crossover, car amplifier and DSP.

The Flagship product is A8 series 3-way Carbon Fiber cone components speaker and 10-inch powered enclosure Subwoofer combine with 8 channels DSP amplifier.

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6. Suzhou SONAVOX Electronics Co., Ltd

The company was established in 1992. After more than 40 years of development, it has grown into a company specializing in the design, manufacture and sales of car speakers, car audio systems products.

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With its headquarters established in Suzhou, the company has successively set up 2 speaker assembly plants in Czech and Mexico. The company's products are mainly supplied for Volkswagen, GM, Ford, Audi, Peugeot Citroen, Tesla, Bentley, SAIC, Geely, GWM and other automotive manufacturers.

7.Jilin Hangsheng Electronics Co., Ltd

The company is subsidiary of Shenzhen Hangsheng Electronics Co., Ltd. It was established in 1996. As a supplier of car audio solutions, focus on the development, manufacture and sell car speakers, amplifier, alarms and relate products, the employee is about 400 people.

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The major business customer is car OEMs, major speakers’ use in low-trim of car OEMs, the price is competitive with huge volume, the factory annual speaker volume is 10 million.

8. Dongguan Edifier Technology Co., Ltd

Established in May 1996 in Beijing, China, Edifier start with consume audio product and fast grow up to an internationally recognized leader in audio solutions. In 2010, Edifier decide enter to the Car Audio industry. At the spring 2019, Edifier announce a new Hi-Fi car audio brand “Immortal” to the market.

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At present, the speaker product mainly consists of 4 series, namely S series, G series, N series and P series, YW series Subwoofer and MA series amplifier.

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9. Shenzhen Dongyuan Electronics Co., Ltd

The company was founded in 1992, is a professional design and production of car speaker and electronic product, home theater speaker and TV speaker, PA system speaker. The company located in the rest of Shenzhen City, plant area of nearly 50,000 square meters, the annual production capacity is 50 million speakers.

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On the product side, the company produce complete set of car audio speakers, yacht speakers and Class AB and Class D amplifier. The Company also owned PowerBass Brand in aftermarket. The brand’s full product line focus on the high-end audio performance and the perfect integration with car’s interiors with Toyota & Ford.

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10. Foster Electric (Panyu) Factory

The factory is a subsidiary of Foster Japan and set up at 2001. There are 16 production building as 240000 square meters and 12, 000 employee.

Car speaker business Unit is key department of this factory and provide the OEM service to the Branded Audio Company or Car OEMs.

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The full car speaker product line and great Engineering support are the advantage, Plus the massive production capacity in factory. Many of the brand audio company like Bose, B&W, JVC, Kenwood, PSS were their customer and start to cooperate with China Domestic Car OEMs., Great Wall & Geely., etc.

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