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Is Lexus ES capable of the best Mark Levinson Car Audio System?

Lexus has enjoyed an industry-exclusive partnership with Mark Levinson since 2001.

Audiophiles acknowledge that high-quality car audio performance does not come from hardware alone; the location and calibration of each speaker is equally important.

Therefore the collaboration between Lexus and Mark Levinson engineers begins from the concept stage and continues through development to ensure each vehicle interior delivers the best possible acoustics.

The ES car audio system has a 17-speaker architecture. Fourteen of these are 90mm Unity speakers, installed at seven points around the cabin. You could easily find the mounting position in the picture. The Unity speaker is combine with hi-end technology combine a 90mm mid range and 25mm tweeter.

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Bass notes are delivered by two nine-inch elliptical woofers in the lower front doors and a powerful 265mm subwoofer.

The latest in audio technology is also applied to achieve superb reproduction quality and energy-efficient performance. The system in the ES uses new QuantumLogic Surround signal processing to help build a full-bodied acoustic stage with high-clarity sound definition.

The 12 channel 1800W DSP Amplifier support the sound produced evokes the correct depth and emotional quality of the music being played. And create more accurate and natural sound stage.

Get ready to hear your music like never before.