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The 2020 VW Golf 8 with Harman/Kardon Premium Audio System

The eighth generation of Volkswagen’s best-selling car, the new VW Golf 8 brings together Harman/Karon Audio system in 1st time. It is ensures that the VW Golf 8 truly stands out and the 1st Branded Audio in Golf car history.

The audio system features a powerful 12 Channels Amplifier with an output of 480 watts and 10 high-performance speakers. The result is a sound that captivates, bringing listeners into the moment and impressive detail and high level of precision.

The additional center speaker transform the sound system into an audio experience that brings to life all the richness, emotion and intensity music can offer. Let’s see the speaker list.

And looking forward to hear it in future.

1 x 80 mm center speaker (dashboard)
4 x 25 mm tweeters (A-pillars & rear doors)

2 x 168 mm dual voice-coil woofers (front doors)

2 x 168 mm single voice-coil woofers (rear doors)

1 x 160 mm subwoofer in a 10.5 l sealed enclosure (rear)
12-channel Ethernet amplifier with an output of 480 watts

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