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The best 5 test songs for your car speakers(1/5)

Listening to music in the car has been popular for decades. It's almost impossible to imagine long drives and short drives without music Whether during rush hour or on a road trip for that matter too. The way we do so has changed significantly as technology has improved to allow for higher quality audio as well as a greater selection of music sources.

The Hi-End Car Audio system could make every passenger feels like they are experiencing the most accurate reproduction in live concert stage.

Just as it takes many months to learn to play a song perfectly, creating true sound in the car requires hundreds of hours of testing and fine-tuning by the expert audio engineers at Bowers & Wilkins and BMW, who rely on the right soundtrack to tune each vehicle to perfection.

How do you put together your playlist for testing the sound in a car? The best songs to test speakers will always be songs that you are familiar with and that appeal to you emotionally. That way, you’ll hear where the audio performance excels or where it misses a trick.

Here are 1 song that the engineers at Bowers & Wilkins use to test their car audio systems, from treble and bass quality to the way they handle rhythm and dynamics.

Gregory Porter: “Holding On”

This warm, emotionally engaging Blue Note recording is a supremely clean-sounding production. It places Porter’s famously sonorous singing at the heart of a full and deep soundstage, while the lack of background noise is made all the more obvious by the low noise and effortless transparency of the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound system. If you can listen beyond that wonderful voice – not easy – the other key emphasis here is on spatial placement of where Gregory’s voice is left to right. Instrumental strands and vocal elements are perfectly placed before you in this stereo image, the speakers receding into the background.